Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper 290

Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper (4840)

290 g/m² high gloss

Exquisite sheen for real “pearls”

Be it wedding; fashion or technical shots: Some motifs require a very special paper. MASTERCLASS Metallic Pearl High Gloss Photo Paper lends your pictures a fascinating pearl shimmer, as well as a flawless gloss and unique depth. It is perfect for scenes/ images with people , shining fabrics, metals, glass or jewellery.




  • Due to effect pigments, a fascinating pearl shimmer is created, particularly effective with medium or light, pastel shades.
  • Flawless Gloss
  • Outstanding detail reproduction and perfect sharpness thanks to its excellent resolution capacity
  • Brilliant colours, extra fine shading distinctions and natural rendering of skin tones
  • Perfect grey balance
  • Ideal contrast thanks to high maximum density, deep black and a neutral, bright white colouring of the paper. In combination with the pearl shimmer, it makes for a unique spatial impression.
  • Superior detail reproduction in highlight and shadow areas
  • Excellent black and white, as well as of colour reproduction.
  • Exceedingly good long-term stability 
  • Completely odourless
  • Quick dry, wipeable and splash-resistant prints thanks to the micro porous coating.
  • Superb processing characteristics
  • Compatible with all high quality in jet printers using pigment and dye inks.


cut sheet
A4 210 x 297 mm 25 sheets
A4 210 x 297 mm 100 sheets
A3+ 329 x 483 mm (13" x 19") 25 sheets



432 mm x 15 m 17"
610 mm x 15 m 24"
1118 mm x 15 m 44"