Matt Photo Canvas 340

Matt Photo Canvas (4851)
340 g/m² matt

Authentic canvas masterpieces

The MASTERCLASS Matt Photo Canvas 340 meets even the highest of demands and is characterised by its optimum material properties and its long durability. Thanks to its special, flexible fabric with 2:1 weave structure it can be easily processed. The subtle, light irregular structure resembles the surface of a classic artists canvas. Skin tones and homogenous coloured areas are naturally and flawlessly reproduced with rich contrasts.



  • The absence of optical brighteners preserves the natural colouring and leads to a higher light stability and longer lifespan
  • The supple, homogenous material is extremely flexible and enables perfect processing
  • Perfect combination of the properties of natural cotton and the dimensional stability of polyester
  • Almost no reaction to a change in climate, ensuring a smooth printing process as well as a taut mounting on frames
  • Matt, non-reflective coating, broad colour gamut, high colour brilliance and excellent sharpness meet even the highest requirements of a quality print
  • High maximum density and deep rich blacks
  • Quick drying even with high ink densities
  • Splashproof coating



cut sheets
A4 210 x 297 mm 25 sheets
A3+ 329 x 483 mm (13" x 19") 25 sheets



432 mm x 12 m 17"
610 mm x 12 m 24"
1118 mm x 12 m 44"