Satin Baryta Paper 295

Satin Baryta Paper (4848)

295 g/m² satin

Media for masterful images

Long durability, finest greyscale and deep rich blacks as well as a unique haptic are the properties that made baryta paper the preferred media of classic modern photo artists. MASTERCLASS Satin Baryta Paper combines the authenticity of the traditional baryta paper with the advantages of modern inkjet media.







  • Unique surface coating with real barite (barium sulphate)
  • The smooth satin surface, as well as the visual appeal of the picture are reminiscent of traditional, glossy, air-dried baryta paper
  • Captivates through perfect greyscales excellent range of tones and optimum grey balance
  • Exceptional contrast and high maximum densities
  • Finest light and shading differentiation
  • Outstanding detail reproduction and perfect sharpness thanks to excellent resolution capacity
  • The lack of OBA´s and the acid-buffered structure provide for maximum picture stability and archivability
  • Subtle and warm paper shade
  • Perfect flatness even after printing
  • exhibition quality B&W prints, as well as for impressive colour prints
  • quick dry thanks to micro porous coating
  • Compatible with all high quality inkjet printers using pigment and dye inks;  though pigment inks are recommended
  • Paper Ageing Resistance certified ISO 9706 (FograCert 28681)






cut sheets
A4 210 x 297 mm 25 sheets
A3+ 329 x 483 mm (13" x 19") 25 sheets
A2 420 x 594 mm  25 sheets



432 mm x 15 m 17"
610 mm x 15 m 24"
1118 mm x 15 m 44"